Tapestries of Song

by Matt Panayides

Tapestries from the middle ages are stunning to behold.  They provide a distinctive visual link to a time often perceived as chaotic.  The dyed threads in skilled hands preserved images from a way of life.  And so we do here.  A melody, a rhythm, a sound; here are my Tapestries of Song.   

I hope this music will leave an impression on you.  The musicians are masterful.  Rich Perry is a modern-day saxophone poet who lyrically synthesizes all that has come before into his own unique and highly creative musical vocabulary.  Steve LaSpina is a rhythmic force who powerfully propels the music forward while nimbly weaving intricate melodic lines and bass grooves into a sonorous whole.  Dan Weiss is a percussive mastermind who consistently performs and operates on a high musical level with meditative grace and virtuosic authority. The tunes themselves reflect different times, ideas and stages of my life.  Some pieces started out as musical problems, while others were culled from life experience. Some songs began in dreams, while others were inspired by poetry.  I invite you to take a moment and listen.  Bringing this musical vision to life has been a grand journey pursued with sincerity and joy. I trust that this spirit will be shared by you, the listener.

-Matt Panayides

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